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High Risk Work License courses

High Risk Work License courses

We have been asked on many occasions if we will mix or combine High Risk Work License courses to decrease time on the course. Such courses as Dogging with Basic Rigging and do this in a 4 day period, again asked to do EWP and Forklift in 1 day or Working at Heights and EWP in a 1 day, we have even been asked to do all 3 Scaffolding courses and combine them into a 1 week course.


Myself, my trainers and my staff all value our RTO’s name and reputation, we WILL do courses back to back and at times these courses do run very well together such as Dogging and C2 Crane or Dogging and CV crane.

Also at times courses (because of low attendee numbers) the course may finish slightly early, but the integrity of the course and all of the content is always fully delivered.