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Weld Tests

Weld tests are becoming an increasingly popular requirement to qualify welders prior to their mobilisation to site. Weld tests can be completed under Down to Earth’s weld procedures, or the employer may choose to supply their own site specific weld procedures for the candidate to follow. Once the candidate has completed their weld test to the required procedure, the piece is sent off for non-destructive testing. Results are usually received within 2-3 working days.

Weld tests can be completed at a cost of $440 + GST per day for the welding bay hire, plus $363 + GST per weld test being sent off for analysis. Please note that the sourcing of exotic materials, specialised electrodes etc (if required) will incur additional costs.

Please contact our office today if you would like to make a booking, or if you require any other information regarding weld tests. Phone: (08) 9528 8888.

DTE Weld tests