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Verifications Of Competency (VOC’s)

Additional to training and assessment solutions, Down to Earth Training & Assessing also offer verifications of competency (VOC’s) that can be conducted both on site or at our premises.

VOC’s are often required by an employer/client to verify a candidate’s skills, knowledge and experience on the nominated machinery/ticket before commencing work on site. In order for a VOC to be conducted, the candidate must hold a valid and current ticket/statement of attainment in the unit of competency they are being VOC’d on. If they do not, the candidate must complete an assessment first and be issued with the ticket/statement of attainment prior to the VOC being conducted.

A VOC requires that both a theory and practical assessment must be carried out successfully by the candidate in order for them to be deemed competent. A competent candidate will receive an interim VOC slip on the day (to commence work), and be issued a VOC card once full payment has been made for the work carried out.

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Verifications of competency