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Basic Fatigue Management

Basic Fatigue Management

This half-day Basic Fatigue Management course is intended for participants who are required to have basic understanding of sleep requirements including the main drivers of sleep, sleep stages and cycles, factors that affect sleep, fatigue effects on safety errors and productivity and also fatigue countermeasures. Ideal for work groups.

General Information

  • ✔ Duration 3 hours
  • ✔ Face to face training
  • ✔ No theory or practical assessment

Course Content

  • Basic understanding of sleep requirements including the main drivers of sleep;
  • Basic understanding of sleep stages and cycles;
  • Basic understanding of sleep debt and how to discharge the debt and quizzes on whether or not the trainee is getting enough sleep;
  • Factors that affect sleep including exercise, diet, sleep disorders, family life, drugs and alcohol (basic), commuting, and the Employee Assistance Program;
  • Sleep and its effects on health, which affect both the standard of living for the employee and the production in the workplace due to ill-health, tiredness, absenteeism, minor illnesses and poor motivation;
  • Fatigue effects on safety errors and productivity (including basic fatigue countermeasures). Includes recognition of early through to serious warning signs of fatigue and pending safety errors;
  • Fatigue countermeasures including proactive sleep management through to reactive measures, from short breaks through to 20-minute power naps.


All participants that successfully complete the course will be issued with a certificate of attendance. This is not a nationally recognised course.

Candidate Requirements

  • Must have good verbal and written comprehension of the English language;
  • Must bring photo ID;
  • Must wear comfortable training attire and closed in shoes (eg. no thongs, sandals, singlets, skirts).

Language, Literacy and Numeracy

Adjustments to training can be made for participants with language, literacy and numeracy issues so that they are not disadvantaged in completing this course. Please inform our office at the time of booking your course if you experience any language, literacy or numeracy issues.

Training Location

This course is offered in-house at our premises in Rockingham, Western Australia or the course can also be delivered on-site at your location if preferred. Please enquire if you would like a quote or further information regarding on-site training – Phone (08) 9528 8888.

Course Cost

This course is ideally designed for delivery to groups of participants. Please enquire for a quote – Phone (08) 9528 8888.