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  • Traineeships

    Down to Earth Training & Assessing is NOW doing Traineeships in the following areas of Civil Construction:
    - RII20715 Certificate II in Civil Construction
    - RII30815 Certificate II in Civil Construction Plant Operations
    - RII31615 Certificate II in Trenchless Technology
    - RII30915 Certificate III in Civil Construction (9 streams)

    Are you sick & tired of your current training organisation giving you sub-standard service?
    Would you like to have or see a change of attitude towards your training requirements?
    Why would you NOT think about putting your valued employees through a traineeship?

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  • Welding Division

    Down to Earth has launched a new internationally recognised Welding School to support WA s growing demand for the trade, a profession listed on the national skills need list. The new Welding School is equipped with the latest technology featuring state of the art welding equipment and experienced training personnel with over 30 years of welding experience on national and international projects.

    Courses are offered in 4 welding disciplines (MMAW, GMAW, FCAW, GTAW).
    The accreditation received is nationally recognised, and code test pieces are recognised internationally. Down to Earth is pleased to offer individual students the opportunity to become a coded welder, one of the highest paid professions in Australia and corporations the opportunity to up skill and keep its workforce complaint to latest industry standards and regulations.

  • Earthmoving Division

    DTE specializes in the delivery of onsite earthmoving courses and training solutions to CORPORATIONS. Our most popular courses include:

    1 day courses – (Ideal for Advanced Operators): Structured for advanced operators that only require ticketing for compliance purposes or operators that have experience but need a refresher course. Our 1-day course includes assessment & certification of the candidate.
    3 day courses – (Ideal for Intermediate Operators): Structured for individuals that have little experience and need more training. The 3-day course includes assessment & certification of the candidate.
    5 day courses – (Ideal for Inexperienced Operators): structured for individuals with very little or no prior experience that need more training. The 5-day course includes assessment & certification of the candidate.

  • High Risk Training

    Down to Earth offers a range of high-risk training and assessing solutions as part of our in-house course offer or alternatively on the client’s site.

    Over the past 10 years, the firm has delivered high-risk training solutions all across Australia.

    Elevated work platform
    Dogging etc…

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"Nobody felt to be inadequate, training instilled confidence and self-belief. "
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Down to Earth is a Registered Training organisation (RTO) accredited by the ASQA – Australian Skills Quality Authority to provide a range of nationally recognised training and assessing solutions relevant to the mining, civil construction, logistics and engineering industry. Over the past 14 years, Down to Earth has experienced phenomenal growth from a relatively small, family owned business to a nationally accredited training services provider servicing clients across Australia. In 2013 the company continued to expand its services with the launch if a state of the art Welding School, catering for Western Australia’s growing demand for the trade. In 2014 the company continues to grow in all areas due to the high quality of the training and assessing Down to Earth delivers. We are proud of our impressive growth results, experienced training personnel and excellence in operation demonstrated through ASQA – Australian Skills Quality Authority audits.

"The firm was small but the vision was big"